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Dr. Adewunmi Desalu was a famous engineer and mathematician, renowned for developments in science, in the field of electronics and space. He is known for 2 patents and a long career in the General Electrics stable. Adewunmi Desalu was a Kingdom warrior in this final phase spending time at the feet of His master.

Adewunmi Desalu’s power was compromised for nearly 10 years by Parkinson’s Disease. Yet he stood. He fought the disease with all the strength he had and lives forever as a PD Warrior who stretched his life by not giving up. The Adewunmi Desalu Parkinson’s Foundation (ADPF) wants to encourage somebody, hold somebody’s hand so that they may not fall, encourage a caregiver and support a family caring for a loved one – through the path that his family traveled.

The ADPF will share this story of courage in the face of challenges that Adewunmi had no control over, but he had full control over how he accepted his faith and became a Parkinson’s Warrior. The Adewunmi Desalu Parkinson’s Foundation (ADPF) is founded to share the story of the final ten percent of Adewunmi Desalu’s life that defines his essence, the resilience, the power engineered by the discipline of yesteryears, which propelled him to fight to the final victory.



We are resilient & committed to providing support for better living.


We empower positive change by treating people with empathy, kindness and utmost respect.


We will do the right thing and do it well.


To provide support for people impacted by Parkinson’s Disease in Nigeria and all over Africa.


To provide support and advocate for people impacted by Parkinson’s disease, create a strong community and contribute towards finding a cure.