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Our Awareness efforts are targeted at eradicating the stigma attached to Parkinson’s symptoms and, invariably, PwPs. Though many people have at least heard of PD, few know just how prevalent it is. What’s worse, though, is that even fewer know the symptoms of PD well enough to recognize it in a family member, friend or even themselves. By actively and consistently promoting Parkinson’s education and disseminating information about the disease, its symptoms and management, we hope to help raise overall public understanding of the disease.


Our Advocacy targets the shaping and influencing of policy that impacts on the wellbeing of PwPs, caregivers and family members. We are constantly engaging stakeholders – local and global- to ensure that best practices are adopted or adapted in the interests of those impacted by PD in our locality.


Via our Medical Referral system, we provide people who have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease with a clear pathway to proper diagnosis by seasoned neurologists. Neurologists are also able to refer diagnosed Parkinson’s patients to us for rehabilitation or secondary care.


Supporting Access to Medication is a major initiative for us because prescribed medication for PD is currently expensive. $15 per month per patient is unaffordable for the average Nigerian family, which is why we have partnerships to cover the cost of procurement and distribution of medication with our partner hospitals. We remain open to many more such partnerships.


As a follow-up to diagnosis and the prescription of medication to a PwP, we provide Comprehensive Assessment by a Physiotherapist so as to design a treatment plan with recommended exercises and activities targeted at slowing down the progression of the disease.


Treatment plans are implemented via Multi-pronged Programs at our Centre in Surulere, Lagos where we have a low impact gym, boxing/dance studio, a writing studio and adaptable spaces for various activities. PwPs receive care and support from qualified personnel e.g. fitness instructor, dance instructor, boxing coach, speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychotherapist etc as recommended. Our members enjoy:

  1. Access to a fully fitted gym to strengthen muscles.
  2. Boxing classes in our boxing studio to improve balance. 
  3. Dance therapy to strengthen the core and improve balance.
  4. Handwriting classes to combat micrographia. 
  5. Speech therapy to combat speech impairment.
  6. Psycho-social counselling sessions to maintain optimal mental health.
  7. Training and interactive sessions for Caregivers’ capacity building.


We have Support Groups where PwPs can encourage and motivate one another by engaging in structured activities that foster social connection. Caregivers and family members are not left out as their own support groups also provide community and a safe haven for interaction.


We also intend to collaborate with Research institutes to work towards finding a cure. We have a library and resource centre available for use by scholars undertaking PD research. Pending the time that a cure is found, programs and activities at our Centre in Surulere, Lagos are targeted at slowing down the progression of the disease and enhancing the lives of people impacted by PD.